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It’s not what you make that matters: it’s what you keep. That’s because the financial benefit you receive from your investments is dependent not only on the performance of your assets but also on the amount of tax those investments are subject to.

Consider a scenario where two different investment strategies receive similar gains but have different consequences for tax. If you choose the strategy with a higher tax bill, you are needlessly sending thousands of dollars to the government. If you had instead chosen the more efficient strategy, you could be reinvesting those same dollars. Over time, compounding interest will mean the second, more efficient strategy will be far more successful.

We Can Help You Decrease your Tax Liabilities

Many investors miss out on opportunities to tweak their investments and fine tune their tax returns because they find the intricacies of the tax code too complex. Our Investment Tax Consequences team will take a deep dive into your investments to help you reduce the taxes you pay on your assets.

After assessing your current tax liabilities, we’ll set out a plan for decreasing your tax. This may include the effective use of tax-deferred or tax-free money, the use of qualified leverage strategies, and drawing income strategically to reduce your tax burden.

Reduce Your Tax Liability Now

Every unnecessary dollar spent on tax is one dollar fewer towards your financial goals. Contact our Investment Tax Consequences team to ensure that every dollar you invest is working efficiently for you. Fill out the form below or call us today on 800.731.3623.

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Our team will take a deep dive into your investments to help you reduce the taxes you pay on your assets.

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