As an investor, you don’t want to worry about researching companies, comparing funds, or making day-to-day investment decisions. You want to focus on running your business, enjoying your retirement, or spending time with your family.

Your investments should allow you the opportunity to achieve your goals, not interfere with them. For those investors who prefer a more hands-off approach, Pence Wealth Management’s Discretionary Portfolio Management is the answer.

What is Discretionary Client Portfolio Management?

With discretionary client portfolio management, the responsibility for making buying and selling decisions is placed solely in the hands of our financial advisors, who then manage your funds – often actively – with the goal to maximize gains, minimize losses, and achieve your financial objectives.

After a detailed on-boarding, including risk assessment, you provide us with consent to buy and sell on your behalf in line with your stated objectives. To keep costs low, we use a systematic approach, choosing specific securities for all our discretionary clients, and then optimizing each client’s portfolio according to their objectives and attitude to risk.

Hands-off doesn’t mean we act without oversight. At any time, you can review your portfolio, request changes, or get more involved with how your funds are managed. We’ll also review our agreement with you every year to ensure our services align with your objectives.

Start Building Your Portfolio Today

We help ensure our investors to work towards their investment goals, and by taking care of the details, we ensure they have the time to benefit from their well-deserved success. Getting started is easy: fill out the form below or call us today on 800.731.3623.

All investing involves risk including loss of principal. No strategy assures success or protects against loss.


Explore our comprehensive investment management services that fit your unique needs and financial objectives.

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We put significant fundamental research work to choose the right investment opportunities for our clients.

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At any time, you can review your portfolio, request changes, or get more involved with how your funds are managed.

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By working with Pence Wealth Management, you can address that your assets allocation is working for you, not against you.

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We will work towards your portfolio in being properly diversified, enabling your portfolio to pursue growth

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We’ll regularly revisit your risk assessment with you to check that our current strategy still addresses your objectives & plan

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Our team will take a deep dive into your investments to help you reduce the taxes you pay on your assets.

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