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In any given industry, hundreds of businesses are involved in the supply chain. But, the investment opportunities represented by these businesses are not equal: of those hundreds, a few will emerge as clear winners. As the industry matures, these winners’ growth and profit scales, providing the investors who spotted the opportunity with significant returns.

Identifying and investing in these winners is key to building a portfolio that meets or exceeds your investing objectives, but picking them is far from easy. At Pence Wealth Management, we use a time-tested process called Choke Point Investing™ as we seek to find and invest in these winning companies on behalf of our clients.

Almost every supply chain has places in time where one or two companies have the opportunity to dominate. We seek to identify these and then look for the businesses with the resources, expertise, and leadership necessary to capitalize on their opportunity and scale to meet demand, thus dominating their position in the supply chain.

As these companies take control of their position, they gain significant pricing power. This, in turn, leads to larger earnings, growth, and dividends.

Take Advantage of Choke Point Investing™ with Pence Wealth

Our team puts in significant fundamental research into both supply chains and the companies occupying as we work to choose the right investment opportunities for our clients. This same high level of detail and care runs throughout our services and underpins everything we do.

If you’d like to take advantage of Choke Point Investing™ and join the Pence family, you can fill out the form below and reach out to us.

All investing involves risk including loss of principal. No strategy assures success or protects against loss.


Explore our comprehensive investment management services that fit your unique needs and financial objectives.

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We put significant fundamental research work to choose the right investment opportunities for our clients.

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At any time, you can review your portfolio, request changes, or get more involved with how your funds are managed.

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By working with Pence Wealth Management, you can address that your assets allocation is working for you, not against you.

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We will work towards your portfolio in being properly diversified, enabling your portfolio to pursue growth

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We’ll regularly revisit your risk assessment with you to check that our current strategy still addresses your objectives & plan

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Our team will take a deep dive into your investments to help you reduce the taxes you pay on your assets.

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