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Philanthropy is incredibly personal, and as good as a philanthropic gesture make us feel, at Pence Wealth Management we want to be sure our actions—and our client’s actions—have a lasting impact.

This is why philanthropic intent is central to our giving strategy. Generosity backed by strategy supports the gifts we give are able to achieve the goals we set for them.

There are many different ways to have an impact; from helping a community that has touched your heart, to supporting an institution that aligns with your hopes and beliefs about the world.

One such organization we vigorously support is the Egypt Cancer Network (ECN). We share their vision to provide the highest quality of life and care to cancer patients. What is most exciting is the thriving philanthropic community that has sprung up around ECN; professionals and executives in engineering, neurology, economics, entrepreneurship and business all come together to support and raise funds for cancer research through ECN. They all share a love of Egypt and the desire to be of help to those in their home country. We are proud to be a part of this organization and its vital mission.


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Although we come from many different places we share alike a commitment to excellence and openness. 

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Our community involvements bring value to employees, by creating a positive company culture.

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We want to be sure our actions and our client’s actions have a lasting impact.  

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We help you work towards greater independence while making a difference.

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Over a third of our team members are either veterans or have a family member who serves.

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