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When we embrace diversity, the world gets bigger and our perspective broadens. Continually widening our circle to include people from many different backgrounds and cultures, with all their unique talents and experiences, helps us see new opportunities and potential challenges that otherwise would have remained hidden.

Diversity Within

At Pence Wealth Management, diversity is one of our pillar values and also a key strength. Our strong commitment to a culture of inclusion means that we recruit, develop and advance individuals based on their skills and talents.

Consequently, our corporate community is comprised of individuals from around the world, drawn from a broad cross section of the population, with many different ideas and perspectives.

And although we come from many different places and spaces, we share alike a commitment to excellence and openness.  We speak 9 different languages and our employees deliver unique ideas and exceptional service to our clients everyday.

We strongly believe that practicing on our value in diversity leads to creating an inclusive corporate culture which better serves our clients, but only when each team member is given a voice and included in the process.


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Although we come from many different places we share alike a commitment to excellence and openness. 

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Our community involvements bring value to employees, by creating a positive company culture.

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We want to be sure our actions and our client’s actions have a lasting impact.  

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We help you work towards greater independence while making a difference.

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Over a third of our team members are either veterans or have a family member who serves.

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