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At Pence Wealth Management, our employees, partners and clientsrepresent more than just individuals, they each are part of a community, and share in its triumphs and troubles. When we share, too, by supporting and engaging with communities, we can build bridges that allow more people to make an impact and enjoy the fruits of their contributions.

Community engagement programs bring value to employees, by creating a sense of purpose and a positive company culture. They also bring values to the communities they serve by providing essential services and support, while strengthening both in the process.

Pence Wealth Management is in the field several times a year and actively involved with the communities we serve.  Our partnership with Working Wardrobe is one initiative that exemplifies this pillar value. In addition to serving on the ground coordinating clothing drives and in-kind donations, we provide sponsorships for training to help support their clients on their transition back to full employment.

We are also very involved in supporting veterans on their Journeys to Jobs and invite everyone to join us at our annual 5L Walk, Fun Run and Finish Line Festival, or to sponsor one of their participants!


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Although we come from many different places we share alike a commitment to excellence and openness. 

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Our community involvements bring value to employees, by creating a positive company culture.

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We want to be sure our actions and our client’s actions have a lasting impact.  

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We help you work towards greater independence while making a difference.

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Over a third of our team members are either veterans or have a family member who serves.

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