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Whether you have held an executive position for many years, or you have just entered the world of C-suite employment, the performance of your personal finances should be a priority. An executive position often comes with excellent benefits and opportunities and having the right retirement strategy in place will help ensure you get the best returns from these opportunities later in life.

If you fail to plan for your retirement now, it could mean working for years longer than you originally planned or making do with little more than a Social Security pension.

Retirement Planning: A Challenge For Executives

Most executives are either responsible for bringing revenue into the business or for managing the successful delivery of high-profile projects. Even though they receive attractive salary packages, due to top-heavy IRS commitments, these key employees are not able to put enough money aside in a qualified retirement plan. For this reason, many employers offer executive compensation plans designed to attract, retain and retire executive employees.

Aligning Your Retirement Strategy to Your Future Plans

An executive compensation plan, also known as a Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan (SERP) is a way for employers to provide additional retirement savings in a tax-efficient manner to key employees. There are many different types of executive compensation plans, offering a wide variety of performance incentives and tax benefits.

These packages can serve as a very effective retention tool to keep executives at the company. However, they can also be quite complex in nature. At Pence Wealth Management, our retirement planning and wealth management advisors have years of experience in managing executive retirement strategies and can help you to navigate the complexities and take advantage of the opportunities that such a plan provides.

The result? A plan that offers the best returns throughout its lifetime and ensures a prosperous retirement. Speak to our experts today to secure a better financial future.


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We can help you to navigate the complexities and take advantage of the opportunities that such a plan provides.

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When you have the right long-term care plan in place, you can rest assured that these costs will be covered.

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