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Laila Pence on TDA Network (02/19/2021)

Laila Pence Examines Consumer Savings In 2020
Laila Pence weighs in on interest rates, treasury yields, liquidity, and sectors to watch in 2021.

February 19, 2021

Do you think that there is going to be a detriment to equities moving forward? Or do you just think this momentum we see in equities won’t stop just because of higher interest rates?

I don’t think it’s going to stop because of higher interest rates. I believe they are still relatively low; they’re starting at such low levels, and they go up a bit, comparable to the growth that’s available in the marketplace and stocks.

I know you’ve got some charts on the amount of savings and the amount of liquidity out there on the street. What are your expectations with this amount of liquidity sitting on the sidelines?

In December, there was $1.4 trillion more in savings than there was in January of 2020. Those dollars are ready to go back into the marketplace. There’s such a pent-up demand. Every client I talk to can’t wait until they can get vaccinated to go out there and spend. We look at this year in two halves. The first half will get driven by the stimulus; there’s so much coming in with cash that it will prop up the market. The second half of the year will be for that pent-up demand with all that savings for people to go out and spend.

I’m hearing anywhere from 3% to 7% GDP growth in 2021. What are your estimates, and what do you expect?

We expect 5% GDP or higher. That is huge, and we expect another higher GDP next year—back-to-back high GDP. Of course, it’s coming off of a low level because of COVID, but that’s still huge; it will really help the economy and the marketplace because I know one of the concerns is always debt with the stimulus. If we can keep GDP and keep this growth going this year at 5 or 5 and a half percent, that will help the economy quite a bit.

Besides the e-commerce space, what other sectors are you looking at for further growth in 2021?

Of course, we like e-commerce, but we also like infrastructure. I do believe there is a bill coming, and this is an area that will help jobs and help the economy; it’s much-needed. We like anything to do with infrastructure. We also like the COVID stocks that were hurt because of the spending; we think those are poised to do well this year.

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