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In addition to nurturing diversity within, we also seek to form strategic business relationships with partners and suppliers who share our commitment to diversity, which in turn drives economic development and the growth of businesses in the innovation value chain. We also support a number of organizations that are focused on developing and advancing diverse talent, particularly in the financial industry.

One such initiative, led by our Chief Investment Officer—Dryden Pence, has served to bridge LPL’s Independent Advisor Institute program with the US Army Reserve in order to recruit skilled and talented military veterans into the program and prepare them for a career in the financial industry.

The US Military is one of the most diverse organization on earth, and the cradle of innovation, but because of the difficult transition back to civilian life, many individuals are not fully included in the society they served while in uniform. As a veteran himself, Dryden understands how the skills and talents developed in the military can be utilized to succeed in finance and benefit both the financial industry and veterans.

“When you recruit veterans, you have access to a talent pool of people who are disciplined, well-trained, good listeners, and able to execute a plan. These skills are key to becoming a successful financial advisor.”— Dryden Pence, Chief Investment Officer, Pence Wealth Management


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Although we come from many different places we share alike a commitment to excellence and openness. 

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Our community involvements bring value to employees, by creating a positive company culture.

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We want to be sure our actions and our client’s actions have a lasting impact.  

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We help you work towards greater independence while making a difference.

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Over a third of our team members are either veterans or have a family member who serves.

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