Otto Radtke, CPFA®

LPL Financial Advisor

Becoming a millionaire was once an aspiration that today has become essential. As people live longer, the cost of living continues to rise and the government safety net becomes less secure, retirees  need to build substantial assets to  ensure a robust standard of living throughout their lifetimes.

Otto Radtke provides professional investment advice and financial guidance for Americans across the United States. He is a Certified Plan Fiduciary Advisor with 20 years of experience creating and implementing plans that work. His team at Pence Wealth Management was listed in Barron’s 2021 Top 100 Private Wealth Management Teams.

Otto’s financial planning philosophy has five key principles:

A Financial Plan is a Plan to Succeed

Clients who create a formal financial plan save three times as much as people who overlook this step. Otto partners with his clients to design, implement, monitor and adjust their plans for personalized results

Invest for Stability as well as Growth

An investment portfolio should be designed to grow when the economy is strong and to protect during hard economic times. Otto and the team at Pence Wealth Management rigorously design portfolios while aiming to deliver returns, generate income and provide stability into the future.

Optimize Taxes

Tax decisions made today can have implications for years to come and optimizing tax decisions can help clients meet or exceed their goals sooner. Otto works with his clients’ taxes to find these efficiencies now and in the future.

Expect the Unexpected

Preparing for life’s unexpected setbacks is a key part of Otto’s planning process. A successful financial plan includes contingencies for illness or injury, premature death and loss of income as part of a personalized risk assessment.

Make a Bucket List

The joys of life, things like travel, hobbies and time with family, are gifts that people who work hard sometimes forget to plan for. Otto works with his clients to make sure life’s delights are funded for in the financial plan.

Otto is committed to disciplined financial planning and retirement planning that manages risk while striving to grow clients’ wealth. He has been in the financial services industry since 1998, and he holds degrees from UC Berkeley and UCLA.

Otto was born and raised in Southern California, and he takes pride in helping his fellow Californians live their best lives. In his free time, Otto and his wife, Brenda, are avid sports fans who love to cheer on the Lakers, Galaxy, and Rams.

Contact Otto Radtke to schedule an appointment and start planning for your future today.

Pence Wealth Management (“PWM”) is a sophisticated financial services practice within LPL Financial, LLC (“LPL Financial”) comprised of multiple financial professionals that provide a series of services including personal investment advisory, third party managed advisory and brokerage services. Pence Wealth Management, Inc. is an investment adviser registered with the State of California to provide financial planning services. The financial professionals affiliated with PWM are registered with and offer securities and investment advisory services through LPL Financial, member FINRA/SIPC and a registered investment adviser. As of 4/1/2021, the total assets serviced by PWM through LPL Financial consist of $1.7 billion in advisory assets and $300 million in brokerage assets. PWM and LPL Financial are separate entities.

Barron’s Top 100 Private Wealth Management Teams (2021) is based on assets under management, revenue produced for the firm, regulatory record, quality of practice and philanthropic work.


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